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I went to see Birdland today. It was great. Everyone was great in it. Especially Andrew.

I waited outside for him after the show. Everyone was getting their books signed and then he came near me and I go, I don’t have anything for you sign. So he said that’s ok I’ll sign your ticket.

Then I said, actually you mind signing my phone.

He was a bit surprised that I wanted my phone signed, so he said “Your phone.”

So I replied yes. and then he started to write and he asked what my name is. 

I didn’t think he was gonna write this on my phone to be frank.

I just thought he was gonna sign my phone.

Well guess who isn’t getting rid of this phone now!. 

It is perfect. He’s perfect. I already loved the guy but now I love him even more.

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Andrew Scott at IFTA 2014 [x]

Wed, 23rd April   15
First Look: Pride - Picked to close Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes 2014


First Look: Pride – Picked to close Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes 2014


Pride, directed by Matthew Warchus, has been selected to close Directors’ Fortnight at the 2014 International Cannes Film Festival on 23rd May.

Previous British films that have premiered in Directors’ Fortnight include Stephen Daldry’s Billy Elliot and Damien O’Donnell’s East Is East.

With an award-winning, all-star ensemble cast including Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Dominic West, Andrew Scotta…

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That time I met Andrew Scott and he agreed to take a picture with my Spock bobble head, but my hands were too shaky to get a decent photo.

/perpetually swooning

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Andrew Scott - The Stag 

Mon, 21st April   1318
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Andrew Scott as Davin | The Stag 

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Event Magazine - Birdland Review

Sun, 20th April   1154

Andrew Scott in The Stag (The Bachelor Weekend)

Sun, 20th April   139


Just got home from a fun evening watching Andrew Scott in Birdland here in Londontown at The Royal Court. It’s a funny and sometimes chilling look at what fame does to a person, the lead played rather perfectly by a very energetic Andrew. The man seriously doesn’t shut up for the full hour and fifty minutes. Whether he’s discussing the statistics of happiness at lightning speed or gyrating his hips to the music, it’s impossible not to keep watching him. I never doubted his talent, but it’s so nice to be reminded of it. The supporting cast is very good too, each taking on multiple roles in Paul’s (Andrew’s character) life. It’s a quick witted and emotional play, but not too heavy despite where it ventures sometimes. Thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking. (felt a little weird going to the stage door afterwards actually!)

The staging is really interesting and works extremely well and as the water rises, you know shit’s gonna go down. Birdland doesn’t disappoint at all and if you have the opportunity, do go see it. It runs until the 31st of May. You can get tickets [HERE].

We decided to hang around after the show to see if Andrew would come out. I wasn’t sure as he literally does not stop for nearly two hours straight, but he did and signed and took photos for nearly a half hour, getting to everyone that he could. He was obviously really tired, but was incredibly lovely. I decided to put our graphic artist to work and sent her with Sherduck into the crowd as she was small and short and could maneuver better than myself. Turns out Andrew knows about the duck and said as much! So now Sherduck bares his signature… on his bum.. along with Louise, Arwel, Michael Price, and Joe Lidster. Seriously, EVERYONE signs his ass. This cast.

For those wanting to stage door, Andrew did say he prefers selfies as they’re quicker and he tries to get to everyone. Everyone was really courteous and left once they’d gotten their autograph/photo, which made the stage door really smooth and nice. He does have a bodyguard, but nothing happened.

Lovely to meet some of you afterwards as well, and it was rather amusing when it turned out two of the fab sherlockology lot were sitting in front of us. Lovely to see you as well! x

Photo taken by mdsora,our lovely graphic designer and Sherduck handler this evening (thank yooou!). He was very concentrated on the duck and insisted on signing his bum.